What equipment is needed for the Ultimate Full Body Guide?

    • Barbell
    • Dumbbell
    • Kettlebells
    • Cable Machine (lat pulldown, cable pull throughs, kickbacks, face pulls)
    • Weight Plates
    • Medicine ball 
    • Bands
    • Bench
    • Rowing Machine
    • Stationary Bike


    How long after you download the guide will it expire?

      Once you have downloaded the Ultimate Full Body Guide, it never expires and is yours to keep!


        Are the workouts in the guide completely strength based? or is there a combination of cardio too?

          The workouts are a combination of strength based exercises and cardio/conditioning.
            The general structure of each workout begins with:
            1. A main compound lift (eg. hip thrust, squat etc)
            2. Then will go into some accessory exercises (eg. lunges, cable pull throughs etc.)
            3. Moving into a Core/abs Section
            4. Finishes off with a conditioning high intensity sweaty finisher!

              What if I can't do an exercise due to injury or lack of equipment?

                Message us through the BWMN Active Facebook community and we will give you exercise alternatives :)


                  What if I need help or advice along the way?

                    Message us through the BWMN Active Facebook community and we will answer any questions you may have!
                      Download Instructions:
                      1. On purchase you will receive link to download the guide. Download the file and save to your computer and/or phone. 
                      2. It is PASSWORD PROTECTED so you will be emailed the access password once purchased.
                      3. On saving the Guide to your iphone - select 'More', then 'save to the 'books' app for easy access in the gym!
                      4. The link will be limited to 3 downloads only before it expires.